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澳洲本科預科作業assignment:V&A museum review

時間:2019-02-22 13:12來源:未知 作者:anne 點擊:
導讀:此文是500字的澳洲review作文,開頭要寫博物館大概都有什么東西,有什么內容,什么區域。博物館中令人難以置信的是策展人對游客的信任程度。古希臘雕塑如此珍貴,周圍沒有任何障礙可以保護游客免受游客的侵害,也沒有人站在你周圍留意你,讓你對整個環境感到不舒服。有時我甚至在沒有注意到的情況下意外地靠近某些工作。博物館的有趣之處在于,物品不是邏輯上有序的,也不是系統地組織起來的。這就像進入一個仙境,在那里你的感官享受幻想的土地主題,這些主題在彼此分開的不同房間中彼此不同,在聚寶盆中有數百個物體,但實際上它們中沒有一個看起來與地方一致或與您可以查明的類別:例如,日本茶館位于展示中世紀時期藝術品的部分。據說這個專注于時裝設計的展覽包含大量的服裝可穿戴服裝,這些服裝像拼貼畫一樣以令人發指的方式排列。 “最近的收購”房間是我最喜歡的空間之一,我特別喜歡奧林匹克大鍋模型的微型模型。該藝術品由200多個銅花瓣組成,每個花瓣都由我們攜帶,并且一個接一個地組裝在輻射桿上方。它體現了所有國家與全球范圍內的合同,形成和組成聯合力量的觀念。在奧運會中使用的原型模型真正引人注目,其工藝能夠滿足細節和細節的原始構造。模型中的每個銅瓣都是獨一無二的。The incredible thing about the museum is the degree of trust that the curators have for visitors. So precious an ancient Greek sculpture could be, there are no barriers set around that protect it from visitors and no people standing around keeping an eye on you, making you feel uncomfortable with the whole environment. Sometimes I just accidentally leaned too close to some of the work without even noticing. What was interesting about the museum is that things are not ordered logically and organize systematically. It is like going inside a wonderland where your senses feast on fantasy-land subjects that are distinct from each other in different rooms separated from each other and hundreds of objects in the cornucopia and none of them actually seem congruent with the place or relates to a category that you can pinpoint: for instance, the Japanese tea house was located in the section which has display of medieval-period artwork. The exhibition which is said to be focusing on fashion design contains tons of clothing wearable outfits that are arranged in outrageous manner like a collage. The “Recent Acquisitions” room was one of my favorite space and I am particular fond of the miniature models of the Olympic cauldron model. The artwork is formed of more than 200 copper petals with each of them being carried by as let's and one by one being assembled above radiating poles. It epitomizes the idea that all the countries are contract to, and forming and constituting a joint force on the global scale. The model of the origin one used in Olympics is truly remarkable with craftsmanship that catered for meticulous details and construct at the same scale of the original. Each of the copper petals in the model is unique.
At first glance of the exhibition, the arrangement and the juxtaposition of items give an impression that things were arranged in chronological order but then as you peer into really deep inside, the relationship between different objects, you find that each work specifically pertain to the kind of fashion capital in which it was designed. this kind of interaction and confidential conflict systems of categorization that that took place in the exhibition and the result is like a postmodern collage of artwork. Although it is hard to find specific things because of such a design of the creative spaces in the museum, it makes things enjoyable because exploring the museum is a journey that is like a treasure hunt and makes you feel drawn into the meticulous detail and the playfulness of all the work and objects that communicate to you as you find yourself wrapped in layers and layers of blooming colors always longs addictive for the and there always surprises in other rooms that await you at the next turn of the corner. Its complications and convolutions create a sense of mystical magical reality that is spectacular and exciting. One of the artifacts I remember is one of Da Vinci's note books, which was placed behind the wall covertly at the Medieval and Renaissance section, and The Hypnertotomachia Poliphili, an aesthetically tasteful book from the 1400s, which was actually stashed away in the small drawer of the same region. Also, in the theater session, the arrangement of objects feels as if whirlwind has rampaged the place with a collection of 21st-century-era objects such as current movie posters and sketches of 1960 plays and the central artifacts – the two patents of theaters from the 1660s, are scattered amongst the backdrop of less important pieces of work. The way that it arranges all the things is really intriguing for me and I don't really have the answer of why it was arranged this way. I like the way that the diversity of objects from different periods break what the conventional paradigm or structure of the ordinary can accommodate. It is really interesting for the display to play with objects in such way. My speculation is probably that this is trying to break away from classicism and rules of the past, looking at the truth of things from a postmodern angle where reality is a projection of perceptions and it reveals different perspectives of audience’s own mind.

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