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PhD 入學論文 Personal Statement范文

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The Entrance Essay入學論文 我堅信,生命的意義不在于一個人能活的時間的長短,也不在于一個人能獲得的物質的豐富,而在于生命本身的豐富和奇妙。隨著我的成長,我生命中的許多事情都發生
The Entrance Essay入學論文
所以在2011年秋天,我進入了格林河學院,重點學習心理學和交際。在我的努力下,我于2013年春季以3.57 GPA的成績畢業。在我的大學生活中,我獲得了許多獎項,這些獎項豐富了我放學后的大學生活。Iwas邀請加入phi theta kappa,2012年,該組織僅以3.5或更高的平均成績錄取學生。2012年秋季,作為活動負責人,我獲得了杰出貢獻獎。此外,我在2013年獲得了格林河學院的學術獎學金和領導力認可獎學金,這是對我的學術和領導力的認可。
I firmly believe that the meaning of life lies not in the length of time that one can live or the material abundance that one can acquire, but in the richness and wonderfulness of life itself.As I grow up, many things in my life have changed.But one thing remains consistent, and that is, I will stick to do what I love and hope that my efforts will be of value to the lives of others.I see it as the only way to realize the value of my life. 
My fate with psychology begansince my adolescent life in Hong Kong. I lived with my family and my uncle during that time.I was on tenterhooks at home because my uncle's aggressive behavior. Since the accident in America, my uncle has serious psychological trauma. He kept punching and kicking the walls, doors and furniture at our home. I hated to see him livedso unhappily and kept away from people. I made up my mind to learn psychology to offer help to people like my uncle. 
So in the fall of 2011, I enrolled at the Green River College with emphasizing in psychology and communication. With my efforts, I graduated with 3.57 GPA in the spring of 2013.In my college life, I got many awardswhich enriched my college life after school. Iwas invited to join Phi Theta Kappa which only invitesstudents with a 3.5 or better GPA in 2012. In the fall of 2012, I was rewarded with a prize foroutstanding contributions as event leader. Also, I got academic scholarshipand leadership recognition scholarship in Green River College in 2013 which are recognitions for my academic and leadership. 
 I believe that there is no end to learning. So Iapplied for admission to Northwestern University to further study psychology. And Igraduated from Northwestern University with 3.19 GPA and was on Dean’s List which is awarded to full-time students who earned high scholarship of GPA placed among the top undergraduates at Northwestern University. 
Through my professional and disciplinary knowledge,I have observed the development model of normal children. At the same time, I have focus on the pathological research of abnormal children. In the broad field of developmental psychopathology, there are two research areas: one is the study of maladjustment to child development, and the other is the study of normal developmental patterns of children. It is tried to perfect the research of children's mental illness through the complementation of both sides. Most psychological diseases are caused by multiple factors. In order to explore the pathological origin, we need to study both the maladaptation of children and the adaptation of children. Mental illness occurs in developing organisms and often develops and changes during childhood and adolescence. Based on the understandingsI listed above, I am particularly interested in the developmental aspects of developmental psychopathology in children, such as the larger socio-cultural context, including cultural values and norms.I put my attention on the development of various children and adolescent groups, especially for normative children and children at risk for maladjustment which probably has something to do with my growth experiences and is the reason why I select Professor Zhou.I was born in Hong Kong, and moved to Japan at the age of six for my father’s career.I returned to Hong Kong in 2008 and began my study in Canadian International School in Hong Kong. The diversified and strange environment made me at a loss. But as a child, I quickly integrated into the environment. I believe that my special experience will be helpful for my future study and research in the field of developmental psychopathology. 
Because Ihave life experience in different countries since my childhood, I have mastered several languages which are Cantonese, Japanese, Mandarin and English. I think my master of multiple languages can help me to communicate with people from most of the world which removes most language barriers. My abundance community service experience and work experience also lay a good foundation for my future communication and observation research with different people. 
I believe I am fully prepared for further study in psychology.  I can’t wait to immerse myself in the ocean of knowledge and make full use of my professional knowledge to help more people. 

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